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Jeff has put together the ultimate guide to male sex toys.

You will find the best overall male masturbator in 2020, and a full overview of every type of adult toy available right now.

Each section is summarized along with specific product recommendations and buying guides so you can get fully educated on what's available.

Review Jeff's report below:

Katie has finished creating her full guides on sex toys for women.

These guides cover all the major toys available for women, and highlight some particular products which are recommended most.

Topics covered are dildos, vibrators, anal specific toys, remote control devices and much more.

Check out Katie's reports here:

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Jessica has put together the ultimate guide to anal sex.

If you've been thinking about trying anal sex but you don't know where to start, this guide will set you up on the right path.

It covers everything from general beginner tips, to hygiene, orgasms, anal toys and more. If you're looking for a guide to pain free and amazing anal sex, then this is for you.

This is a great prostate massage guide created by Jessica.

It covers everything from proper preparation to techniques, and highlights some of the top prostate massagers and toys to consider.

Jessica has also included her 7 steps for preparing to have a prostate orgasm. So if you've been thinking about exploring this area we highly recommend this report.

I'm so glad I finally found this resource. There's so much spam out there it's nice to find some professional opinions on sex toys and sex advice.

Amanda Lawrence Amanda Lawrence

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